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When Covid-19 Hits Your Footprint

As we continue our daily survey on how the coronavirus is impacting bank customers and employees, today we drilled down into the differences between banks that have not had any cases reported in their footprint and those who have had cases reported, including those that have reported actual or suspected employee contact.

For banks that reported no confirmed cases in their footprint, 36% said that all employees were operating as usual. For banks with reported cases in their footprint, the number reporting that all employees were operating as usual fell to 7%. This was primarily driven by back office employees working from home, which nearly tripled from 13% for banks with no confirmed cases to 34% for banks with confirmed cases; and contact center employees working from home, which more than doubled from 10% to 21%, respectively.

We will continue to track these changes daily for a while, but anecdotal evidence suggests that many banks are now following increasingly clear directives from public authorities. We are also thinking ahead to the emerging needs and challenges for customers and the industry as the urgent needs for this crisis response subsides. The after-effects will continue for some time and we want to help the industry get out ahead of it as much as possible. Let us know how we can help.

Interact with the data and add your own by clicking below. You can also click on any individual response to filter and use the timeline slider to see changes over time.

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