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Banking Industry Pandemic Response 3-18-20

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We created a new interactive data visualization and embedded it on a single page to help bankers see how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting banks and how they are responding to customers and employees. You can use the timeline slider to see the changes over time.

We will update this every day shortly after 3:00ET with new data on this page:

Please share widely and update your responses any time there is a change in your footprint or in your response.

Through 3:00ET the number of responses increased from 55 to 74, and the share of banks reporting confirmed cases of Covid-19 in their footprint fell to 46%. Given that reported cases are increasing in every state, we can reasonably assume that the change is attributed to new respondents without confirmed cases in their footprint.

Of those those banks that did report confirmed cases in their footprint, a plurality of 38% are offering drive-through/ATM access only. This contrasts with 50% of branches operating as usual for those banks reporting no confirmed cases in their footprint.

Click on any response to filter and use the timeline slider to see changes over time.

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