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  • Jason Henrichs

Toolkit to Drive Change

Innovation is equal parts the desire to innovate and the tools to do so. Luck can be an essential element, but it is useless without the first two. There are many resources for optimizing a bank’s existing business, but too few with an actionable approach to their future business.

BAI plays an integral role in the banking industry and is a vital resource for helping leaders make smart business decisions. We’re pleased to announce Debbie Bianucci, President and CEO of BAI, is bringing that insight and leadership to FinTech Forge's Advisory Board. When Debbie and I spoke about the importance of an industry wide perspective on our Advisory Board, she shared: “Navigating change is never easy, FinTech Forge is an invaluable collaborator to us as we’ve evolved how to best support industry leaders. Many talk about innovation but Forge drives results. I’m thrilled to deepen our relationship and help the industry thrive through change.” From our perspective, it would be easy for an industry organization to focus on what’s worked in the past versus reinvent itself for the future. Debbie’s focus on actions and outcomes align with our core values. It is an honor to work so closely on BAI Beacon and we look forward to doing much more.

We created FinTech Forge to assist banks that had the desire, but not the capacity or toolkit to start or improve their own innovation efforts. Awareness of the need to be more customer centric, technology-driven and innovative is on the rise. We’ve worked with dozens of banks, the majority of the banking schools in the country, and several associations to better equip them for the future, but the pace of environmental change in the industry is only becoming more rapid.

We are pleased to be working closely with BAI to build tools and teach the skills that meet the needs of leaders focused on innovation. We will be hosting a 3-hour, invitation-only C-Summit for Community-Based Banking Executives at BAI Beacon next week in Orlando. The C-Summit combines insights, discussion and activities to help leaders bring actionable steps back to their institutions. For more information or to register, visit

About Debbie, BAI and Beacon18

As a nonprofit, independent organization, BAI delivers the financial services industry’s most actionable insights, enabling leaders to make smart business decisions every day. BAI is passionate about providing trusted information and powerful tools that give leaders the clarity and confidence needed to drive positive change and move the financial services industry forward. For more information, visit

As president and CEO of BAI, Debbie Bianucci leads the BAI fulfilling its mission. Bianucci has worked in the financial services industry for more than 35 years and has held senior positions with several major financial services companies. Before joining BAI, Bianucci was vice president of marketing at Dean Witter Discover. Prior to that, she served as vice president of marketing at Wells Fargo. With more than 25 years affiliated with BAI, Bianucci is a frequent speaker at industry events and has authored numerous books and articles on popular financial services topics.

BAI Beacon, BAI’s annual conference, tees up big-picture ideas from thought leaders both in and outside the financial services industry, complemented by sessions in a variety of formats that facilitate peer-to-peer interactions and deeper learnings. BAI Beacon empowers leaders to think and act differently by delivering unique perspectives and opportunities, including:

  • Global innovation inspiration, translated into actionable ideas for the US market

  • Proprietary research on key industry issues

  • Fintech companies who are ready for partnerships

This year, BAI Beacon will take place in Orlando, October 9-11, and then travels to Boston in 2019.

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