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  • Jason Henrichs

Blockchain! AI! Drones! Oh My!

I spend a lot of time in the tidal pools of innovation. You know the place where the rushing wave of new technology crashes against the rocks of customers needs and real world viability. As the tide pulls back, ideas, partial products and entrepreneurs scamper about looking for product market fit before the next surge either washes them away or carries them to higher ground.

Ideas end up in the tidal pools when they focus on the wave rather than the outcome. It is evident because the innovator describes the how, typically the latest technology without addressing the why. “We’re a blockchain company.” And if that doesn‘t suffice, add another buzzword. AI. Drones. Whatever is the latest wave.

Technology is the means not the end. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. “Blockchain is going to change everything.” It isn’t the blockchain itself. It may be the application of blockchain. Or it may be a distributed ledger. Or simply a database. It may be AI. Or machine learning. Or simply better algorithms and automation.

The shiniest tool is not always the best tool. It is the job that is done with that tool that ultimately matters. Washing about in a sea of buzzwords doesn’t get the job done.

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