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The tools and frameworks from our Anvil™ agile strategy and execution sessions have been featured in leading industry publications, conferences, and boardrooms around the world and have been taught at leading graduate schools of banking. Now we have optimized our process and tools for remote learning and digital collaboration, no travel or live meetings required. Anvil™ sessions are custom-tailored for your organization's unique situation and goals.


We also conduct public (co)Lab sessions through the Alloy Labs Alliance with participants from multiple banks to benefit from diverse perspectives and viewpoints. Learn more and register to attend a (co)Lab here

Not sure where to start? Take our free innovation maturity assessment and see how you stack up with the most innovative organizations across seven key dimensions.​ Assess your Innovation Maturity

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Learn how we customize our proven tools and frameworks for your unique situation and objectives

Custom Anvil™ Strategy and Execution Sessions
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