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The rise over the past few years of financial technology– FinTech –has changed the very definition of banking as we know it. The competition is getting bigger and stronger, and is no longer limited to just a narrow peer group of similar institutions.

Membership in the Alloy Labs Alliance can help you survive and thrive in this era of digital disruption. Build and leverage your own innovation capacity to help you explore viable options, from education and research, to enabling frameworks, to custom tailored FinTech partnerships and strategic investments.

“We made more progress here in 24 hours than we typically make in 3 months”

 - Member, Bank Chief Operating Officer

The Challenge:

Financial institutions need to defend and grow market share in the digital arms race and meet rapidly changing customer needs as they seek cost-effective ways to innovate and partner with fintech companies.

The Solution:

Alloy Labs Alliance, a consortium approach to innovation and member-driven shared innovation lab that reduces risks, lowers costs, and speeds time to market through strategic fintech partnerships and investments

How it Works:

  • Alliance membership provides a low-cost and low-risk way to jumpstart your innovation efforts; including exclusive insights, reports, surveys and heatmaps, and the ability to access solutions developed and vetted by peer banks

  • Teams looking to build their internal innovation capacity can get foundational frameworks for decision-making, funding, and risk management to enable repeatable, scalable, and sustainable execution, all custom-tailored for their unique situation and goals Learn More

  • We also facilitate small peer Workgroups of like-minded members to address specific problems and opportunities in a very hands-on way. The output is an Innovation Blueprint which includes a vendor contract with an exclusive member discount, plus all of the due diligence, compliance, risk management, and full adoption roadmap. Members can choose their level of involvement and influence.

  • Members also have the ability to invest in promising fintechs with a level of high quality deal flow and professional oversight not typically available working alone

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Membership is limited to U.S. regional and community banks at this time.

Nonbank service providers can submit information here.

We also help credit unions and non-U.S. banks build and leverage their innovative capacity. Learn more

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